Over the years Harish Kapadia undertook several major expeditions. These are the detailed reports of some of those expeditions, with sketch maps, photos and full details. More details are also available in the books published by Harish Kapadia.

  1. The Indo-French expedition covered the remote area in the Eastern Karakoram, crossing Saser La and reaching Karakoram Pass and Col Italia.

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  2. Details of Indian-British-American expedition to the remote Arganglas valley in Ladakh. Team climbed several peaks including the difficult ascent of Yamadaka peak.

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  3. The joint expedition between Indian and Japanese mountaineers followed the trail along the Shyok river to reach Karakoram Pass, later crossed Col Italia. Descending the Teram Shehr glacier, the Teram Shehr Plateau was explored for the first time and the first ascent of peak Padmanabh was made. They returned by the Siachen glacier route.

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  4. The Indian Mountaineering Foundation sponsored team visited the Nanda Devi Sanctuary to study the effects of closure of the Sanctuary from 1983 onwards. This is their detailed report and recommendations.

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  5. History of the Siachen glacier from the earliest time to present, covering war and mountaineering.

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  6. Proposal by Mr Aamir Ali to end the conflict on the war-torn glacier and create a Peace Park.

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Arunachal Pradesh

Most of the areas of the state of Arunachal Pradesh were unexplored. Since year 2003 Harish Kapadia made yearly trips to the different valleys of this state. With special permission from the army many areas near the McMahon Line were explored. All the major valleys of this eastern part of the Himalaya and India were thoroughly explored. His detailed reports of these explorations are a major source of reference.

To view/ download full reports of his trips to the valleys of Arunachal Pradesh, please visit the page Exploring Arunachal.