Exploring valleys of the Arunachal Pradesh

Most of the areas of the state of Arunachal Pradesh were unexplored. Since year 2003 Harish Kapadia made yearly trips to the different valleys of this state. With special permission from the army many areas near the McMahon Line were explored. All the major valleys of this eastern part of the Himalaya and India were thoroughly explored. His detailed reports of these explorations are a major source of reference.

The following trips to the valleys of Arunachal Pradesh were undertaken by him. Click to open full reports.

  1. 2003: The Tawang valley. Trek on the ‘Bailey Trail’, crossing Porshing la pass.Download: Report & Photos
  2. 2004: The Tsangpo “S” Bend. The ascent to Guyor La and reaching the point where Yarlung Tsangpo river enters India and called the Siang. In plains the same river is called The Brahmaputra. This was a unique trip which completed a century old exploration.Download: Report
  3. 2005: The Subansiri Valley. Exploring valleys leading to Takpa Siri in the Subansiri valley. The routes of circumambulations around the holy mountain of Takpa Siri, now in, China, were undertaken as much as it in India.Download: Report
  4. 2006: The Dibang Valley. Two valleys of the Dibang were explored. The party reached the historic Yongyyap La, on the McMahon Line and valley of the Dri river was visited.Download: Report & Photos
  5. 2007: The Lohit Valley. Several areas of the Lohit were visited and trekking through the Dong valley towards the Diphu La was undertaken.Download: Report & Photos
  6. 2009: The Yang Sang Chu Valley. Situated in the Tsangpo valley near Tuting. This valley is holy in Tibetan Buddhism. The party explored ‘Pema Siri’ and ‘Riwutala’.Download: Report
  7. 2010: The East Kameng Valley. The valley leads to the base of Kangto, the only 7000 m peak east of Bhutan. It was explored in a gruelling trek.Download: Report
  8. 2011: The Lapti Valley. The remote valley is situated near the district headquarter Hawai. The Lapti valley leads to the Hoot Pass on the Miyanmar (Burma) border which was explored.Download: Report & Photos
  9. 2012-2013: The Chaukan Pass. Trekking through the Noa Dihing Valley this difficult was traverse and the Chaukan Pass on the border with Miyanmar (Burma) was reached. The party also crossed the Pangsu Pass into Burma to see the ‘Lake of No return’.Download: Report & Photos
  10. 2013: Treks in Upper Subansiri. Central Arunachal Pradesh.Download: Report
  11. 2013: Kechi Pass in upper Subansiri valley was visited.
  12. 2014: Northeast states: Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram were visited. The main aim was to study and visit the sites of Second World War in these areas.
  13. 2015: Bangajang monastery of border of Bhutan was visited. It has excellent views of the Kangto range and views on Bhutan.
  14. 2016: The Apatani Plateau in central Arunachal was visited. They trekked to Tale Valley and photographed several unknown peaks.