Honorary Editor of The Himalayan Journal

Editor of The Himalayan Journal 1975-1985; and 1990 – 2010. Assistant Editor 1986 – 1989.

This is an international journal for mountaineers published by the Himalayan Club. Published since 1928 it has a long list of editors beginning with Kenneth Mason and C.W.F. Noyce. This is one of the most celebrated journals for mountaineers and its 66th issue was published in 2010.

Has been associated with the journal as editor or assistant editor since 1975 (Volume 35). This journal requires a high level of mountaineering knowledge and literary capacity for its editor to perform.

Editor: The Himalayan Club Newsletter

Editor of The Himalayan Club Newsletter 1978 – 2008

This is an annual publication which contains all the news about Himalayan climbing and associated activities in the year. Copies are sent to Himalayan Club members the world over. Harish took over publication from No. 37 (1978) to No. 61 (2008) when it was converted to digital E-Letter.

Editor: The Sahyadri Bulletin

Compiler of The Sahyadri Bulletin 1989 – 1998

An annual publication which contains the climbing information on the Western Ghats around Bombay.