Documents Records and Photo Libraries

Documents Records

Most of the original photographs, slides and report of expeditions undertaken by Harish Kapadia are available at the leading mountain related institutions in the world.

Following libraries contains reports and documents of expeditions undertaken:

  1. American Alpine Club, Goldon, Colorado
  2. Royal Geographical Society, London
  3. The Alpine Club, London
  4. The Japanese Alpine Club, Tokyo
  5. The Himalayan Club library, Mumbai
  6. The Indian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi

Photo Libraries

Most of the original slides and digital records of Harish Kapadia are lodged at “Lt Nawang Kapadia Photo Library” at American Alpine Club, Goldon, Colorado, USA. These are available for use for any researcher. For terms, charges and methods of use please contact the librarian of the American Alpine Club.

Select pictures are available at “Lt Nawang Kapadia Photo Library at The Alpine Club, London” and “Lt Nawang Kapadia Photo Library at the Japanese Alpine Club Tokyo” (Contact: by email to:

Map Reference Library

A comprehensive reference library of maps is created at the Himalayan Club centre at Mumbai. Along with other donors, many maps of the Himalaya and local Western Ghats are donated by Harish Kapadia. “Lt Nawang Kapadia Map Library at The Himalayan Club” can be consulted at The Himalayan Club Centre, Turf estate, Shakti Mills Lane, Mumbai 400011. (Contact by email to:

The Oral Histories Project

In conjunction with the Himalayan Club, Harish has started a project to record Oral Histories of leading mountaineers, explorers and mountain personalities. Video and Audio recordings cover various mountain related issues and life story of a person. Already about 30 recordings are made and more continues.

The Siachen Peace Park

After death of his son, Lt Nawang Kapadia, Harish stared a proposal to bring peace to the war-torn Siachen glacier. Originally started by Aamir Ali amongst others, Harish joined the team and propagated the idea during various lectures, shows and meetings.

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