Accidents over the years

In more than five decades of climbing and trekking some accidents to Harish and other members were suffered on his treks and expeditions. Few of his friends died in accidents on the mountains also.

1968: While climbing in the local hills, the Sahyadris, Vallabh Meghpara died. The huge rock all were standing on shifted. While others, including Harish, could jump off to the mountain side, Vallabh was carried down the valley and died instantly.



1970: While attempting the main peak of Bethartoli Himal, a huge avalanche buried four climbers. The young graduate Nitin Patel, famous Everest climber Ang Kami Sherpa and two high altitude Sherpas – Gnappa and Chawang Phinjo were killed on 5th June. Arun Samant was rescued by experienced Sherpa Pasang Temba.


1974: While returning from the successful first ascent of Devtoli peak in the Nanda Devi Sanctuary, Harish fell in a crevasse and dislocated left hip. He was rescued and carried for 13 painful days the base camp. A helicopter rescued him. He spent 6 weeks in plaster, 2 years walking on crutches and one month walking with stick. Once recovered fully, within a month he was off to about 250 km trek to Sikkim.






1989: While rock climbing at Pachmarhi, central India, Harish broke left heel in 7 pieces. After operation a screw was fitted. He was allowed to go on pre-planned expedition to the East Karakoram where he walked 2000-kaivan-mistrywith swollen leg, suffered malaria and many places had to ride horses. The screw was removed after a year and he recovered fully.

2000: Kaivan Mistry, young mountaineer from Mumbai, drowned in the Shyok river- the ‘river of death’ as its name implies. Four person slipped in the river, including Harish. Three could swim across while Kaivan hit a rock and died on the spot on 25th September.



2000: Lt. Nawang Kapadia, (25 yrs) younger son of Harish, died in Kashmir due to a terrorist bullet, on 11th November. Harish’s expeditions, writing, books, lectures and libraries created are dedicated to his memory.






2011: While returning from the Lapti valley, Arunachal Pradesh, Harish slipped on steep face covered with bushes. He went down 150 feet unable to stop himself. Luckily he stopped naturally near a rocky out crop. There were only small injuries and nothing was broken. It took some time to rescue him and about 6 months to fully fit.